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New!! Step-Up Plate attachment ( WB-PR15-SUPA)

Please call 562-285-5499 to order
Price: $279.00 

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Step-up plate is designed as an accessory attachment for Power Racks, allows users to perform exercise routines such as Back Squats, Step-Up Plate Glute-Ham Raises, Step-Up Plate Depth Romanian Deadlifts, Incline Sit-ups, etc.

Its versatility allows users to set and adjust the Step-up Plate at different heights depending on users needs.

purchase of Footplate Accessory necessary or a counter balance with Weight horn and weight plates necessary to ensure stability for Step-Up Plate exercises.

Weight Capacity Max Load (lbs): 300lbs

Compatible with Powertec Power Racks

Sold in qty of : Each

Important note:
Powertec recommends that all Powertec Power Racks get secured and anchored to a Solid Surface Floor before using any of the new Power Rack attachments and Accessories.