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New 2016 Item Please call to order
Price: $1,449.00 

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WB-LS16-A: Workbench LeverGym®


The WB-LS16 Workbench LeverGym®features a Newly Designed Workbench, Bench Frame, it allows users to adjust theseating area by sliding the Seat Assembly on it’s Sealed Bearings Carriage. TheNew Backrest can be adjusted at different settings and still provide addedstability. The Isolateral Arms can be used independently or locked together andbe used as Conventional Bench Press Arms.

  Matted Paint Finish

Thenew systems feature a Matted Paint Finish, the Frozen look like colors give thesystem an added special look.  As on the Workbench Muli-System Powertecintroduces the LeverGym® in Two Color Combinations where customers have theoption of choosing their Color Combinations and Mix and Match from MattedPowertec Yellow and Matted Black colors.

Upholstery Pads

Firm all black pads for comfortable heavy lifting.

Available Colors:            

Two-Color Combinations:

WB-LS16-YY-A Powertec Yellow                     WB-LS16-YB-A Powertec Yellow / Black

WB-LS16-BB-A Black                                    WB-LS16-BY-A Black / Powertec Yellow



Model# WB-LS16-A ( Matted Black and Construction Yellow)

Weight Capacity Max Load (lbs):   

Press Arms: 500lbs.       Cable: 300 lbs.

StartingWeight(lbs):Press Arms: 20 lbs.       Cable: 5 lbs.

Dimension(HxWxL):81.7” x 57.5” x 81.4”

WB-UB16 Unity Bench included