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Get More Without Paying More
The Olympic Weight Bench is a classic in weight training for a reason, it works and now you can save 30%. Take your Olympic Weight Bench to the next level. Add numerous leg workouts for an exceptional exercise experience.  

COMBO 1: Olympic Bench + Curl Machine Accessory + Dip Machine Accessory + Leg Lift Accessory
COMBO 2: Olympic Bench + Olympic Bar + Weight Plates
COMBO 3: Olympic Bench + Curl Machine Accessory
COMBO 4: Olympic Bench + Leg Lift Accessory
COMBO 5: Olympic Bench + Dip Machine Accessory

WB-OB15(Classic) Olympic Bench
The upright adjustable bar catches on the Olympic Bench offer two-sided bar catch capability to utilize the back of the rack section for power exercises such as squats. A short cross bar accessory is available, the bench can be easily adjusted to horizontal, incline, and decline settings. 

WB-CMA16 Curl Machine Accessory
The ultimate accessory to blast and build your biceps.

WB-DMA13 Dip Machine Accessory
Each Workbench Accessory is designed to fit many Powertec Workbench models. This high quality machine accessory provides unique and innovative new workout stations to your existing Workbench. Each accessory is precise in function for all types of users. It is designed to provide easy in-and-out access at a very affordable price.

WB-LLA16 Leg Lift Accessory
As one of the most popular Leg Lift and Leg Curl Accessories,the system has been redesigned to provide precise range of motion and comfort.Recently re-engineered the system now features a bumper and a permanent safety rod stopper.

OS-300-B Olympic Weight Set
Dimension: 72 inches long (6’) x 2 inches in diameter 
Weight: 45 pounds
This 6-foot Olympic Bar is the most popular international bar on the market. Precision engineered for balance and long lasting performance. Powertec’s 255lbs iron Olympic weight plates incorporate easy to carry handles for increased safety and ease of use. Each of the 14 plates, are finished in a rust resistant Jet Black coating with Powertec Yellow font. The innovative, patent pending design allows the weight of each plate to remain visible even when stacked. The increased visibility makes it easier to keep track of your weight load. 

*Weights and Benches are not included with accessories. 
**Short Bar Accessory sold separately.