compatible with 1” threaded weight horn
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The Perfect Motion:
By setting the foot plate at the correct angle and properly positioningthe weight plate load, all stress and pressure is taken off the lowerback and knees. The resistance focused totally on the thighs to drivethe motion.

Start/Stop Handle:
An innovative slide handle bar is incorporated that allows the user tostart and stop the exercise in the top position. There is also a fixedsafety stop position built in.


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(Oct 31, 2011)

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(Oct 31, 2011)

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(Nov 08, 2011)

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I've loaded mine with 215lbs on each side. Great pumps and very easy on the knees! My only squawk would be I wish the shoulder pads were a little closer together. I'm not exactly the biggest, widest dudes in the world, but an inch or two closer would make the workout a little more comfortable. Overall, this machines a buy!
(Dec 29, 2011)