compatible with 1" threaded weight horn.
Price: $1,849.00 

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WeightCapacity Max Load (lbs):       Press Arms: 500lbs.           Lat Lever: 400lbs. Crunch: 100lbs.            Squat LeverArm: 500 lbs.

StartingWeight(lbs):Press Arms: 20 lbs.Lat Lever: 0 lbs.         Crunch: 15lbs.Squat Lever Arm: 35 lbs.

Dimension(HxWxL):80.5” x 73.3” x 120.1”



Workbench Multisystem

Powertec Introduces the NewlyDesign WB-MS14 Workbench Multisystem

featuring “Isolateral Arms” forthe Bench Press Station. Now users can exercise each arm independently or lockboth arms together and use it as a Conventional Bench Press.


The Foot Plate on the SquatStation has been redesigned in order to provide a wider surface area andsupport.


The system also features a newaccessory support plate located on the inside of the bench frame accessoryreceiver tube, it is designed to secure all Powertec accessories. The newaccessory support plate is an added feature to All Powertec WorkbenchFrames.  


Simultaneous3-Person Use

Improved top clearance allowsfor 3-Person use at the same time. This gym provides multiple user accessopening up a variety of applications from the home to many light commercialsettings. The footprint remains quite compact for a multiple station gym.

IncreasedLat Exercise Options

Added inner lat pull handlesgive you additional exercises. With over 12 single station machines, eachstation is pre-set to provide its own individual exercise machine. The user canmove quickly from station to station with minimal adjustments. The position ofthe shoulder press is changed slightly from the previous model.

IncreasedBack Safety

Back padding on the seat hasbeen repositioned for better lower back support.


Stopper added for yourprotection during exercise.

TheLeverGym™ Advantage

Lever arms drive the exercises.Weight plates are loaded directly onto the lever which simply replaces thebarbell thus providing the natural feel and resistance of free weight with thesafety and control of a machine.

Virtually Maintenance Free


The Workbench Multisystem has no cables or pulleys. Allexercises incorporate bearing driven lever arms to provide a smooth and quietoperation.


Optional Accessory:
















Calf Raise

Close Grip Bench Press

Close Grip Pull down

High Cable Side Crunch with Handle Attachment

Incline Bench Rows

Incline Leg Lift

Incline Overhead Triceps Extension

Incline Shoulder Press


Overhand Triceps Pushdown

Seated Overhand Grip Lat Pull down

Seated Row

Seated Triceps Pushdown with Bar Handle

Seated Underhand Grip Pull down

Shoulder Press



Triceps Extension

Triceps Press

Underhand Triceps Pushdown


 Model No. WB-MS16-YY / WB-MS16-BB / WB-MS16-YB / WB-MS16-BY
L x W x H (inches) Weight Capacity 120.1 x 73.3 x 80.5
Max Loads (lbs) Press Arms: 500 lbs.
Lat Lever: 400 lbs.
Crunch: 100 lbs
Squat Lever Arms: 500 lbs.
Starting Weight (lbs) Press Arms: 20 lbs.
Lat Lever: 0 lbs.
Crunch: 15 lbs.
Squat Lever Arms: 35 lbs.
Color(s)  Yellow/Black/Yellow&Black
Build + Accessorize Yes
Isolateral Function Yes


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(Aug 23, 2011)

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(Aug 23, 2011)

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Great for lifting if you dont have a spotter very safe,Great for the money good value
(Aug 24, 2011)

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(Aug 25, 2011)

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(Aug 28, 2011)

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Man!!!, What's not the bomb. Ive wanted this unit for years and finally purchased one in mint condition used. My model is the original WB. The very first model offered. My only negative reflection is the height of the flat/ decline bench position. My feet cannot touch the ground comfortably and for me, I miss the additional stability and power that comes with proper planting. The construction is indestructible. Its a damn tank and the pump is phenomenal. Ive literally discovered a way to complete any free weight exercise (arms excluded) on this unit and for me constant discovery has been an additional bonus and raises the enjoyment value. Best grown man purchase of my life (LOL)!
By : RayEvans  (Sep 16, 2011)

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(Nov 18, 2011)

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(Nov 23, 2011)

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(Nov 25, 2011)

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(Nov 29, 2011)

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charles sutter - training since . multi system is safe, durable and easy to use. I recently went from 280 bench to 360 with in 18 months. As a PE teacher I am always looking to improvise. this system lets you be creative. you can use the optional equitment such as fly attachment for side laterals, concentration curls etc. I am 64 y/o and know every technique, program and equiptment that ever was created for a home gym . this machine is far and away the best overall piece of equipment. I have created 18 and a quater arms, 48 in chest. these are a dramatic increase since I purchased this system three years ago. I recommend it to everyone who will listen. charles sutter
(Dec 03, 2011)

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(Dec 06, 2011)

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(Dec 10, 2011)

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Best home system I have ever used! Gym quality piece of equipment. Very versatile and it's a tremendous value. If it were double the price it would still be more than worth it. have been lifting for 20 years and I love this thing!
(Dec 12, 2011)

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I have one of the older models and it is by far the best piece of workout equipment I could have purchased. I have owned my Multistation for 4 years and have zero problems except for worn out squat pad which powertec promptly replaced. This is a Great company Charles Christian Atlanta, GA and friend of Sam from Sam's Fitness in Australia
(Dec 16, 2011)

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i got this early for christmas and i love it
(Dec 18, 2011)

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By : JOHNFERRARO  (Jan 06, 2012)